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The fourth wave of the Industrial Revolution is here and quickly changing the game of HR management. Systems and methods may modulate but the rules remain the same.
We know that people are the DNA of a company’s sustained success. Their job satisfaction, sense of belonging, opportunities for growth, and connection to the company’s mission, all inform their contributions and performance. We all want to be part of something greater than ourselves.
We also know that employee retention has a clear correlation to your company’s culture and long-term economic stability. The information revolution we are in the midst of presents a new set of challenges for people management and new echelon of possibilities.
Enter BravoHR.
We are a people management 4.0 platform designed to attract and retain your company’s talent and also to convey its vision, values and beliefs to each individual. We help Human Resources departments personalize reward programs which not only saves money but boosts employee morale.
Our App offers opportunities for management to offer consistent recognition, evaluation, and feedback to employees in order to promote a healthy and fair working environment that encourages employees to contribute and embrace—indeed, help shape—your organization’s core values.
Competitors can try to copy your organization’s blueprint from the products you sell products or the systems you use, but a willful synergy between employees and management is both enviable and impossible to copy.
Human Resources management is changing rapidly in Vietnam and virtually everywhere in the world. BravoHR is proud to be a leading player in building a workforce culture that values and develops a company’s most valuable asset: It’s employees. We see each person as an individual, and that makes us different.
That is the promise of our App to our partners—to help engrain in the fabric of your company’s culture a sense of mutual respect, transparency, and consistency. We proudly put our tool in your hands and welcome each and every person to join us as we evolve it into HR 4.0.

Why Choose Us?

  • Monthly Reports

    We provide detailed monthly insights on employee engagement status, preferences in benefits, and transaction history. 

  • Enjoy an Expansive Company Reward Program

    With over 250 merchants, our development team is constantly acquiring new merchants to diversify user benefits and employee reward options. 

  • Efficient and Responsive Online Support Program

    Get help within 1 hour of your request, 12 hours per day, 7 days a week (8am-8pm GMT+7). We like to solve problems and we’re good at it. 






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