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Terms and Conditions

By accessing this FWD 5C Apps (“Application”), you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of use (“Terms & Conditions”) stated below. Please carefully read these Terms & Conditions before using the apps.

We note that these Terms & Conditions may be adjusted from time to time. Therefore, whenever using the apps, please actively access to the Terms & Conditions to update and comply with relevant information.

Log-in and Using the Apps

By registering to use the apps and performing any action on the apps with your Username and Password, you agree to indemnify and waive FWD from any forms of claim from the Third-party derives from the use of this application and disclaims any damages, costs, actions, grievances, complaints, claims, expenses (including legal fees) or liabilities that FWD Vietnam is liable as a result of using this apps or by your breach or failure to comply with any of the content mentioned in these Terms & Conditions. At the same time, you hereby certify that:

  • The registration, use of the application, posting of information, images, content, and/or any activities on the apps and as required by the apps (“activities”) is completely voluntary, by your will, and in compliance with the current laws and therefore, you will be solely responsible for these activities.
  • You have learnt and acknowledged that once you have given the app access to images/software / any other apps currently available on your mobile device, then it is understood that you will be solely responsible for the access granted.
  • All information, images, and data posted on the apps are considered the property of FWD Vietnam, and FWD Vietnam reserves the right to use such information, images, and data at its sole discretion at the purposes of FWD Vietnam and under the law.
  • You are responsible for maintaining the absolute confidentiality of your Username and Password to log into this apps and undertake not to transfer your Password or Username or to lend/transfer your use/access to this apps to any third parties. You hereby agree to be responsible and keep FWD Vietnam unharmed, liable, and not liable for any damages in connection with the use of the Username and/or Password of unauthorized use by any third parties or because you violate the privacy statement in this content.
  • Don’t abuse this apps. “Abuse” includes, but is not limited to your use of the apps to:
  • Offend, harass, threaten, abuse, or violate the rights of others under applicable law.
  • Harm or interfere with the operation of other people’s computers / mobile devices and software in any respects, including, but not limited to, by uploading, downloading, or transmitting episodes of corrupted messages or computer/device viruses.
  • Violate the intellectual property rights, publicity or privacy rights, including, without limitation, by uploading, downloading, or transmitting materials or software.
  • Ignore or falsify the origin or rights to any file you download or upload, including, but not limited to, by ignoring the language of ownership, verifying the author or communicating relating to copyrights, or trademarks.
  • Submit, post, or disclose trade secrets, or confidential or protected proprietary materials or information.
  • Upload or download files that are not allowed by law to be transmitted via the apps.
  • Interfere or interrupt the apps or the server or network connected to the apps, including attempting to interfere with the access of any other users, server or network, including but not limited to the overloading, initiate, propagating, engaging, directing or attempting to “refuse service”, “spam”, “crash”, “overload” or “bombard” apps.
  • Transfer any information or software obtained from the apps or copy, create, display, distribute, license, perform, post, reproduce, reproduce, sell, or otherwise transfer products are made from this apps.
  • Use a password or account when logging into the apps wrongly or impersonate someone else’s identity or to act on their behalf.
  • Violate these Terms & Conditions in any aspects.

Please note that FWD Vietnam does not make any warranties regarding the operation of this apps. The performance of this apps depends on many factors including but not limited to functionality, productivity, your device configuration, speed of the connection, and the number of people accessing the application.

Copyright: All rights reserved

Unless otherwise provided by law, all materials and content, images available and/or posted to the apps are owned by FWD Vietnam. No part of these materials or content may be modified, reprinted, stored in an accessible system, transmitted (in any form or any medium), to be copied, copied, distributed, used to create derivative works or published, distributed, exploited, used in any other way for commercial or public purposes or any other purpose without the prior written approval of FWD Vietnam. Therefore, your taking any of the above actions without receipt of the prior written approval from FWD Vietnam will be considered a violation and then you will be solely responsible and keep FWD Vietnam away from any losses or damages to any claims, grievances, complaints or liabilities arising due to breaching this term.


All trademarks and logos displayed on this apps are protected and you are not authorized to use these trademarks and logos in any way and for any purposes, except as permitted in writing by FWD Vietnam or the owners of these trademarks and logos (on case by case basis).

If you print, copy, distribute, publish, exploit or download any part of the trademark and logo displayed on the apps without the proper authorization, you are considered as breaking the intellectual property rights and rights to use the apps and you must stop immediately and you must, in our sole discretion, return or destroy any copies of the material that you have performed.

Use of Information and Documentation

The information and materials contained and/or appearing in this apps (including the content shown in the descriptions) are subject to change from time to time and subject to FWD Vietnam’s policies/regulations and its partners providing services/goods.

Services/goods mentioned in this apps are only available in Vietnam and are intended for full time employees of FWD Vietnam only.

No guarantees and limitations of liabilities

The information and materials contained in this apps, including photos relating to engagement, rewards, and communications activities for FWD Vietnam employees are provided as “as is”, “available”. FWD does not guarantee the accuracy, appropriateness, or completeness of this information and documentation and disclaims full responsibility for errors or omissions in such information and documents. No warranties of any kind, whether implied, expressive or statutory, including warranties of non-violation of third-party rights, fitness for a specific purpose and non-infected with computer / mobile device viruses, given in connection with this information and documentation.

Provided information

All information provided by you to FWD Vietnam via this apps will be viewed and maintained as the property of FWD Vietnam as well as of FWD Group and FWD Vietnam / FWD Group will have freedom of use them for any purposes, ideas, concepts, know-how, or techniques contained in information provided by a user to FWD Vietnam through this apps. You must ensure that the documents, content, images posted on the apps are under the law and FWD Vietnam will not be responsible for such documents in any way and at the same time, FWD Vietnam reserves the right to simulate, use, publish, display, adapt, create, and distribute these materials indefinitely. FWD Vietnam will have no obligation to keep the information provided confidential, unless it has obtained the consent of the FWD Group due to a direct customer relationship, or otherwise by specific agreement or as required by law.

Information security

The Internet is an open system and no online system is completely secure, any system can be faulty by humans or functioning. When you notice, suspect, or know that your personal information is illegally modified, used, or appropriated by a third party to log into the apps or for any other purposes, please contact us immediately (following the information provided below) for further supports.


Besides other disclaimers mentioned in these Terms & Conditions, to the maximum extent permitted by law:

  • FWD Vietnam makes no warranty that this apps will be uninterrupted or error-free, nor does it warrant that this apps and the connected server are free of malware affecting the mobile/ computer devices and applications and software are available on these devices.
  • This apps can be linked to any websites without the control of FWD Vietnam. Therefore, FWD Vietnam is not responsible for the content on such websites and does not approve or approve the content posted on these sites. You hereby acknowledge and agree that you bear all the risks associated with accessing these sites at your own risk.
  • FWD Vietnam strives to promptly and accurately update information on this apps, however, a limited number of errors or errors cannot be avoided.
  • FWD Vietnam will not be liable and will have no liability for any damages affecting, or forms of viruses that may attack your mobile devices or other property as a result of accessing, using, or browsing this apps, or downloading documents, data, text, images, videos, or audio from this apps.

Governing law and jurisdiction

These Terms & Conditions will be governed by the laws of Vietnam. Parties agree to comply with the sole jurisdiction of the Vietnam courts.